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G I F T S! G I F T S! G I F T S!

♥. It's Love - Cute halter top with matching zipped mini skirt. Perfect for Valentine's Day! Yours - FREE!

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<3 - Thalia

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Thalia's Fashion:



Dark Beauty @ Thalia's Fashion

❤ Dark Beauty: Sexy & dark casual outfit. Perfect for those biker babes out there! Consists of a open belted leather jacket with leather pants adorned with a silver belt and matching bikini top. Wear it with or without the leather jacket.



Cyber Love @ Thalia's Fashion

❤ Cyber Love: Gorgeous mini dress with open top comes with fishnet leggins! Two colors included in each pack!

FREE to Members & Members who have Thalia's Fashion Collection on their profile picks!



Flirty Kitty (New Neko Release) @ Thalia's Fashion

❤ Flirty Kitty: A cute flirty neko outfit complete with kitty ears, kitty tail, boots, jacket, arm warmers, denim skirt & cute tops.

★ Flirty Kitty (Red)is on sale for $99L!

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New Releases @ Thalia's Fashion Collection

★ Sweetheart Dress - A simple and yet beautiful couture dress. Perfect for any formal or casual occasion

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