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Realistic MESH Leather Boots (100L LIMITED PROMO OFFER!) @ Thalia's Fashion Collection

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° ❤ Leather Boots (MESH): Stylish knee boots with 3 inch high heels. Exquisite leather textures to add a realistic look. Rigged to move with your avatar. Unrigged/Resizable version also included with easy resize HUD. You get a total of 9 different colors changeable via the texture HUD. Wear the boots & the HUD and with a simple click you will be able to choose the desired look.
Includes 3 standard sizes (Small, Medium & Large) all rigged. Includes 1 size of unrigged boots with resize script. Alpha Boot Layer to be worn with boots They are copiable! Make as many personal copies as you wish. Please note this is a mesh item and you need a compatible viewer to view mesh.
DEMO available! Come take a look!

Sale Price: $100L Regular Price: $400L

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Dark Version:
Light Version:


Mesh Denim Skinny Jeans (Faded & Ripped)

° ❤ Mesh Denim Skinny Jeans & Shorts available in 5 sizes and with HUD that allows you to change the texture with 7 different colors. Try out the demo @ Thalia's Fashion Collection!

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