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Photo Contest!

About Thalia's Fashion Collection Poster Contest

Thalia's Fashion On Going Store Poster Contest!

I will be having big display posters through out the store. They will be changed and replaced with new ones every so often. Take pics of yourself wearing Thalia's Fashion clothing and add them to my Flickr group. []

If your picture gets chosen to be displayed you'll get: 1000 gift card to Thalia's Fashion Collection and your SL name on the poster. There's no time limit on this contest, however, I'll try to choose winners towards the end of every month. Previous winners are permitted to re-enter.

Submission guidelines:

1) You must be wearing only Thalia's Fashion clothing in your picture.
2) Photo’s should be as high resolution as possible. The smallest acceptable size is 256*512, however, bigger IS better in this case.
3) Post-work (photoshopping) is allowed, however, it can not effect the clothing worn whatsoever.
4) Please label your submissions clearly with your full SL name.
5) If submitting a group photo, only the submitter will receive the prizes.
6) You may enter as many times you wish, regardless if you’ve won in the past or not.

Note: If your photo(s) are chosen you agree to allow Thalia's Fashion rights free use. You understand that your photo will be used in promotional display's at Thalia's Fashion store locations and/or blog and images may be modified. Your photo's will NOT be used as vendor sale images, strictly as display posters.



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