Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



New Releases/Gifts/Prizes 3-9-09

☑ New Mobvend & Midnight Mania Prizes for ladies & gents.

☑ Profile Pick Gift: Sexy open shirt with leather green pants.

☑ Member Gift - Sharmrock comes with a shiny top in short and long layers and matching shorts.

☑ Modern Chic - Leather Skirt and Top Outfit. Comes with scripted boots!
Available in Cream, Pink and Blue.

☑ Bow Boots - Cute Spunky New Boots! They are scripted for easy resize.

☑ Hip Hop Outfit - Comes with short top, shorts, suspenders and leg warmers. Can be work with neko tail and ears! Available in White, Red and Black.

New Accessories: Choker, Bracelets, Ankle Straps



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