Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



Thalia's Fashion Hunt/Gifts/New Release 6/1/09

As part of the "Just For Him" Hunt I am giving away the "Kiss Me" double shirt with blue jeans. Perfect for any casual event. What better way to let others know how kissable you are!

Find the orange male symbol in the store and buy it for 0L.

As part of the "Fun In The Sun" Hunt. I am giving away this lovely gift to you ladies. It consists of a belted skirt with matching corset top and glitchpants. Skirt can be worn with underwear or not... ^^

Find the multi-colored beach ball and buy it for 0L.

Boots are not included but are available in the shoe department.

Outfit comes with a belted flexi skirt, top and glitchpants, arm warmers and is available in all layers! Individually sold or save when you purchase the Value Pack! Items are copiable and modifiable.

Boots are included with the outfit but are also available to purchase individually at the shoe department.

Jeans with 3 version tank tops "Crazy", "RockStar" & the danger symbol printed top.

Jean Shorts [Red] with 3 version tank tops "unloved" and printed tops.



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