Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



Happy 4th of July! @ Thalia's Fashion

Thalia's Fashion has some goodies for you all!

Star Spangled: Comes with damanged capri jeans and matching sheer top with pasties. Can be worn with or without pasties. $100L

4th of July Mini Dress: Patriotic Mini Dress with a flexi and sculpted skirt. In-world: $0L [Member Gift] Xstreetsl Price: $1L

4th of July Men Shorts: For the guys! Patriotic Shorts to match your sweetie's outfit. Comes in pants and underwear layer.
In-world: $0L [Member Gift] Xstreetsl Price: $1L

4th of July Cutie with Boots: Drop dread gorgeous outfits with scripted belted skirt [no panties required] and a matching Bikini top & bottom. Matching Boots to top it off.
in-world: $0L Xstreetsl: $10L

Grab them at Thalia's Fashion {Teleport here]



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