Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



Gifts & Dollarbie @ Thalia's Fashion

I am back from vacation and I have some goodies for you! Thank you for your support. ^-^ Teleport to Thalia's Fashion!

$1L Silver Goddess Dress Special - Double Strapped Dress with Flexi Skirt. This dress is TRANSFERABLE so you can gift it to your girlfriend[s]. Located at the entrance in the newly released items section.

FREE - Thalia's Fashion Member Gift - Strapless Top Dress with Flexi Skirt. For my awesome Members! Not a member yet? Don't miss on weekly gifts and join us; it's free and simple!
[Groups - > Thalia's Fashion Collection -> Join]

FREE - Thalia's Fashion Profile Gift - Double Strapped Dress with Flexi Skirt - Located on the Profile Pick Boards outside and insisde the store. Simply touch the large board [not picture] and receive your gift for having the store in your profile!

Don't have it yet? It's simple just visit Thalia's Fashion Store -> Open your Profile - > Go to your Picks Tab -> Select New.. - > Done! The board should start working for you in 48hrs or less. Send me an IM letting me know you added my store and I will send you the gift so you don't have to wait. :D




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