Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



New Releases 9/19/09 @ Thalia's Fashion

Temptation: Flirty Mini Dress in all layers. Available in 6 colors: Blue, Silver, Rose, Golden, Green and Pink.

CoCo: Flirty Babydoll Dress with flexi sleeves and babydoll skirt. Available in 6 colors: Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Black and Teal.

Menace: Sexy leopard catsuit in all layers with flexi armband. Available in 9 colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Brown, Purple, Silver, Green and Beige.

Kiss: Sexy silks with prim top and flexi bottom. Available in 5 colors: Black, Purple, Red, Blue and Pink.

Netted Bondage: Netted Mini Dress with flexi skirt. Available in 3 colors: Silver, Purple and Red.

Mistress: Flirty Mini Dress with sheer sides and prim skirt. Available in 4 colors: Black, Red, Purple and Blue.



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