Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



Thalia's Fashion October Hunts!

3 Hunts = 5 Free Outfits!

Thalia's Fashion is participating in a whopping 3 hunts for the month of October. That means more goodies for you! As a BONUS I have included an extra gift in the hunts. Look @ the ads for a picture of the outfits! 2 in 1 ^-^

Going on a Witch Hunt!
Goal: Find the hidden witch hat in the store.
Hint: Make it right! Take a right!

Pumpking Prints Hunt:
Goal: Find the hidden orange pumpkin.
Hint: Stay on Top! Look for tops!

Mix & Match Hunt:
Goal: Find the hidden Male & Female symbols [they glow!}
Hint: Feeling lucky?



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