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New Releases & Gifts @ Thalia's Fashion

One of each new release is priced $50L for 48hrs - limited time. All items come in ALL Layers so it's easy to mix and match. Make endless personal copies as all items are Copy/Mod/No Transfer. Want to gift it? It's super easy - Just send me an IM [Thalia Tal ]. Visit Thalia's Fashion Collection in-world. Teleport by clicking here.

.♥. New Releases! .♥.

.♥. Misty - Sweater Dress with Capris - Available in an assortment of colors. $50L each.

.♥. New Member Gift: Strapped Jacket w/Matching Pants! Completely FREE to Thalia's Fashion Members. Receive weekly gifts simply by becoming a member.

.♥. New Profile Gift: Rainy Days - Comes with a cute top & ripped jeans. Enjoy a weekly gift when you add Thalia's Fashion Collection to your profile picks. Gifts are automatically delivered through the many boards at the store. Takes 48hrs after initial add but I will be happy to deliver it to you so no need to wait! Simply send me [ Thalia Tal ] an IM letting me know you added the store to your picks!

.♥. What A Flirt! - Casual outfit perfect for any ocassion! Solid Top with folded cleavage opening and black belted jeans with prim flares. Promo Price: $60L [Promotional Offer]

.♥. Sweet Caress - Laced top and capris in pastel leather colors. Available in 5 colors: Purple, Pink, Green, Creme & Blue. Promo Price: $50L [Pink Version Only] Regular Price: $195L

.♥. Surrender - Shiny mini dress with sexy cutouts and a coquette skirt with resize scripts for easy fitting! Available in 5 colors: Red, Brown, White, Blue & Black. Promo Price $50L [Black Version Only] Regular Price: $195L

.♥. Solid Shirts - 3 Versions: Long sleeve open button shirt comes in 3 versions: Solid, Semi-Transparent and Sheer. Available in 3 colors - Black, Red and White. Promo Price: $50L [1 version only] Regular Price: $100L.

.♥. Provocative - Knitted striped top with folded cleavage opening and mini skirt with suspenders. Suspenders come in separate layer to mix and match as you wish. Available in 6 colors: Pink, Grey, Green, Brown, Blue and Pink & Golden. Promo Price $50L [Pink Version Only] Regular Price: $195L

.♥. Misty - Sweater Dress with Capris - Pink Version - $1L Dollarbie

.♥. Misty - Sweater Dress with Capris - Gold Version - $1L Dollarbie



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