Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



Weekly Gifts & Hunt @ Thalia's Fashion

Hunt Time! Thalia's Fashion is participating in "The Big Black Pussy Hunt" that starts today until June 14th. More than 30 Top Designers are showcasing free designs. Please Note: I distributed part of the outfit in 2 locations! Info inside prize.

Your goal is to receive/complete the outfit below:

The Black Kitty Outfit is located here @ Thalia's Fashion Collection.

Remember this is a hunt and as such some searching is involved. Neither staff nor myself will tell you the location but I will be happy to give you a hint! :)

Thalia's Fashion Main Store Hint: Below this sign you can join for FREE and receive weekly goodies!

This week I have casual T-shirts with cute and catchy sayings. Completely FREE and they are TRANSFER ONLY. Included a 10L Version for the guys! @ Thalia's Fashion Collection. Teleport by clicking here.



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