Thalia Tal (Designer & Owner)



New Halloween Costumes! @ Thalia's Fashion

Thalia's Main Store:

° ❤ Snow White: A traditional fairytale come to life with this beautiful Snow White dress. It comes with a luxurious blue bodice, sculpted sleeves and beautiful flowing skirt.

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° ❤ Little Red Riding Hood Costume: Perfect innocent yet sexy little dress. Make as many personal copies as you wish or mix and match! Outfit is copyable and prims are mod/copy. Comes with Little Red Riding Hood Shoes/Pumps, Little Red Riding Hood Cape, Little Red Riding Hood Bow, Little Red Riding Hood Outfit + Stockings, Little Red Riding Hood Basket

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° ❤ Unisex T-Shirts for both Men & Women! Celebrate Halloween with these cute & funny shirts. They come in jacket layers and are transferable :) So give away to your sweetie!

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