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Thalia's Fashion New Releases 2/14

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.♥ Bliss Corset Dress - A cute little dirndl inspired corset cocktail dress. Perfect for any occasion. It comes in Valentine' Red, Sky, Oyster, Off White, Black & Purple. Includes matching flower hair decoration!

.♥ Princess Wedding Gown: Sophisticated wedding gown available in all layers with optional mesh tops. Available in all layers, gloves and veil. Part of the new 2011 Bridal Collection.

.♥ Love Bridal Gown - Beautiful Bridal Gown as part of the new 2011 Bridal Collection. Available in six exquisite colors: Valentine Red, Pink, Off White, Gold, Pink, Rose & Azure.

.♥ Beautiful Bride Wedding Gown: A classic elegant white bridal gown. Can be worn as bridal lingerie. Includes bridal gloves & veil. Comes in all layers. Part of the new 2011 Bridal Collection.

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