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New Releases & New Gifts @ Thalia's Fashion

It's Moooooooooonday and I have New Releases & New Goodies out @ the store. Flirty Mini Dresses just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day. They come in black & pink versions. I priced them $50L for 48hrs from now!

I also have a spankin' brand New Member Gift & New Profile Gift. The New Member Gift is called "Heart Breaker" & The New Profile Gift is called "Love Bug" because I had the song stuck to in head when I was working on them.

I made 2 different versions of the Member & Profile Gift. One version comes with a belted skirt and the other comes with capri pants; so, that you are able to mix & match as you please. The capri versions are available in the Midnight Mania Boards for a limited time. After that they will both be available for purchase.

Place Thalia's Fashion Collection in your profile picks to be eligible to receive a bonus gift every week! This week's profile gift is "Love Bug" & Member Gift "Heart Breaker" - don't miss out!

Thalia's Fashion Collection - Island [Click here to teleport to the store!]



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