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New Releases @ Thalia's Fashion

.♥. New Releases! .♥.

.♥.Moons & Star: Leather Mini Dress adorned with cute Moon & Stars. Available in 5 colors [Green, Red, Purple, Blue & Black] or save when you purchase the Value Pack. [Price$ 200L or $500L Value Pack]

.♥. Exquisite Bodice with hip and arm frills, sexy matching stockings. Available in 5 colors [Pink, Silver, Purple, Green, Brown & Blue] or save when you purchase the Value Pack. [Price$ 190L or $450L Value Pack]

.♥. What a fun dress! Cute belted polka dot dress with gloves. Available in 5 colors [Pink, White, Peach, Black, Blue & Purple] or save when you purchase a Value Pack. [Price $195L or $745L Value Pack]

.♥. Mini dress with a very flirty mini skirt! Outfit is decorated with pink laces and comes with matching boots! These sexy boots were carefully decorated with candy cords! Especially made for petite avatars w/resize scripts for easy fitting. [Price: $250L]

.♥. Cute casual outfit for any day of the week! Comes with 2 version tank tops; solid & decorative white top with a cute little butterfly. Matching plaid bottom with prim skirt. Can be worn as a short too! [Price: $100L or $350L Value Pack]

.♥.Sexy micro tops! Match them with any jeans or shorts. Available in 6 colors: Gold, Pink, Blue, White, Black & Purple or save when you purchase the Value Pack. [Price: $100L or $250L Value Pack]



brewnetty said...

why can't I wear my breast tattoo with my cute and sexy thalia fashions?

Thalia's Fashion Collection said...


It depends on what layer your tattoo but if it is availabe as an undershirt. You can wear it with any shirt or jacket layer or if the tattoo layer is a shirt layer you can wear any top in a jacket layer. It's all about mixing the layers ^-^

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